YOUR CONSULTANT IS Stephanie and Travis Hudnell

My Story


Hi I’m Stephanie and I would like to say welcome to my website. Let me tell you just a little bit of how I found this Wonderful company. I first got invited to a party of a product I had never heard of. I liked what I saw and bought a couple of warmers and bars of wax. After I got my Product no one explained to me how to use it, So I put it away in the back of my closet. Then my friend came over and asked me how I liked it and I told her I put it away because I don’t know what to do with it. She showed me what to do and after that I was hooked.  So after a few months of buying the Scentsy products from my friends, My Sister thought what a great idea for me to sell something that I love. The Money I make with Scentsy is how I help buy food for my Family and Gas to get them back and forth to school. I really do Love using these products; the smells of the various Scents are so aromatic without having to worry about a flame.  


A brief synopsis of myself: I am a wife of a now retired Navy Husband, before that I was a Navy brat, and have been married to my wonderful Husband for 18 years now. We have three beautiful daughters whom love Scentsy also they have warmers in their bedrooms and a Scentsy buddy or two.  Since the girls are in school, I thought hey I could start my own business by selling these products. Not only would it give me a chance to start a new adventure in my life, but it would help out the family with some extra income. Just as I fell in love with these products, I am sure you will do the same. I have been Selling Scentsy now for 3 years and my love for these Products haven't changed at all. 


 I would love to go to coffee/Lunch and meet up with you if you are thinking of joining my team I have a couple of people on my team right now, thier is Plenty or room for more! If you would like to chat send me an email with your questions you have and I will be glad to answer them and help you in any way I can. Thank you for taking the time to Stop by and visit my website I hope you have a fantastic day!